A Study in Sherlock – Casefic 2016

Here are the Sherlock Holmes inspired mysteries (casefic) written by English teacher education students for this year’s fanfiction project, A Study in Sherlock (2016). In total there were 19 stories (17 of which are available here) written by teams of 2-5, students who were given the option of retelling a Sherlock Holmes mystery in a new universe or telling a new Sherlock Holmes mystery in any universe (including the original universe of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories.)

The Adventure of the Garrideb – A retellling of The Three Garridebs but set in Malmö, Sweden and following the protagonists Miss Sherlottie and Dr. Winston.

The Bride of Christ – A Sherlock Holmes short story, set in Alabama in the 1910s. Sherlock’s gender is altered, and her name is Sherry. Together with John Watson, she investigates a missing person case and gets tangled up in mess of religious fanatics, inbred moonshiners and incompetent policemen.

The Covenant of Surtr – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson encounter a cult.

An Eastern Wind is Coming  – A tale of revenge set in the BBC Sherlock universe.

The Greedy and Murderous Garridebs – Fanfiction retelling of the The Three Garridebs.

The Missing Case – Fanfiction based on BBC’s Sherlock (and elements of ACD Sherlock Holmes). Set in an alternate universe where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson travel to the USA to solve the murder of John F. Kennedy.

The Quilong Dragon Soup – It has been forty years since they first met, however, they still are the same old John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. A man shows up in an asylum, showing many of the symptoms of the Spanish flu. Delirious, sweating, and vomiting, the man utters one last word before dying, Dragon. It is now up to the two protagonists to solve the case and regain their former glory.

A Scandal in Social Media – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are young high school boys who are roommates in Baker dorm during their first year at Bortholomew’s boarding high school. They get involved with the beautiful Irene Adler while trying to save Mycroft Holmes’s reputation from a scandal all over social media.

A Spell in Scarlet – The first two chapters of the classic Sherlock Holmes story, A Study In Scarlet, redone in the universe of Harry Potter during the late 1800s. And Sherlock is a woman.

The Stolen Ring – A trip to Sweden turns into something much more dangerous as John discovers that someone is out for vengeance. Inspired by BBC Sherlock.

A Study in Blue – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who fusion. What happens when Sherlock and Watson are called to help Lestrade with a murder and find a Doctor Smith and a Ms Noble at the crime scene?

A Study in Brown – A retelling of BBC Sherlock’s A Study in Pink set in Malmö with Sherlock and John as high school students.

A Study in Crimson – A fusion of ACD’s A Study in Scarlet and the tv series Penny Dreadful.

A Study in Graffiti – A modern story based on A Study in Scarlet.

A Study in Loneliness – Fanfiction influenced by A Study in Scarlet and the episode A Study in Pink from BBC series Sherlock.

A Study in Mean Girls – John Watson works as a teacher at a high school, and he feels somewhat unfulfilled with his life. However, when a student is burned alive, he is directed by the principal to work on the case with a certain Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

The Wild Chase – Set in an original sci-fi universe. Sherlock Holmes with Dr Watson is on a vacation, but Striker and Robin is on a case and need some help solving it.

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