Bringing Fanfiction to the English Classroom

Below are the links and resources introduced in the workshop A Study in Sherlock & The Blogging Hobbit: Bringing Fanfiction to the English Classroom at Katedralskolan.

  1. Powerpoint slides part I – by Björn Sundmark
  2. Powerpoint slides part II– by Shannon Sauro
  3. Fanfiction Tasks Worksheet
  4. The Blogging Hobbit (2014)– detailed instructions
  5. A Study in Sherlock (2016)– detailed instructions and rubric
  6. Casefic 2016 – 17 Sherlock Holmes fanfiction stories completed by students this past January

Example fanfiction shared with students by Sherlock fans and used as models for different types of casefic in 2015 and 2016:

  1. The Beleaguered Red-Head by moonblossom – Retelling of The Red-Headed League in the BBC Sherlock Universe
  2. The Adventure of the Bridegroom’s Photograph by spacemutineer Original casefic based on a real life mystery – ACD Holmes
  3. The Vast Profundity Obscure by mistyzeo – Original casefic – ACD Holmes/His Dark Materials fusion

Additional resources and materials on using fanfiction for language and literacy development:

  1. Fandom & Language Learning – a collection of videos and other materials (some already included here) on using fanfiction and fan tasks for language teaching.
  2. Lessons from the Fandom – a book chapter outlining different ideas for language learning tasks that draw upon different fan practices, including fanfiction, threaded games, and fan-subbing.
  3. Report from Middle Earth – report on the language and literary learning that resulted from incorporating our first fanfiction task, The Blogging Hobbit, in a university English teacher education course.


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